World Cup 2022

Verified February 5. 2023
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Verified February 5. 2023
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Ahead of the Fifa World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup was usually held during the months of June or July. However, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held on October to November. The 2022 World Cup dates was moved six months forward mainly because of the extreme hot weather in Qatar during the summer months. In this article, we will be going through the rules for all the qualified teams, the group names, and all the important things you should now to stay updated on the event.

Here we will list the schedules of the matches including dates and tv schedules, venues or arenas, and odds.


This year’s world cup will jumpstart with a match between Senegal and Netherlands at 0500 Canadian time on November 21, 2022. While the final match will happen on the 28th of December, 2022. The 32 teams playing this year went through the world cup 2022 qualifiers held last November 2021. They are divided into 8 groups and are going to play through a round-robin manner. Thankfully, Canada is back in FIFA World Cup for the first time after 36 long years.

The games are planned to be held in 7 different cities in Qatar, focusing on the country’s capital, Doha. 12 different arenas were also specially built for this event. Although they were successfully built, there are several issues surrounding them. This is because of the news that there were about 6, 500 workers who died while building the arenas. The report has caused this year’s World cup to have the most criticism.


FIFA conducts qualifying tournaments in the six FIFA continental zones. These are Africa, Asia, North and Central America, Caribbean, South America, Oceana, and Europe. Places are then assigned to the teams beforehand. It is generally based on the strength of the confederations’ teams. Qualifications also differ depending on the confederation overseeing the qualifier.

The 32 teams who were qualified are divided into 8 groups with 4 national teams in each group. The world cup 2022 groups were drawn randomly but are made sure that there will be no more than two European countries or more than one team in the same confederation in one group. The tournament has two stages, group stage and the knockout stage. Since it’s a round-robin, the teams are scheduled to face each other three times. The top two teams during the group game will then advance to the knockout stage. It will then be a single elimination tournament against the teams in the knockout stage. Listed below are the groups, and the teams in it.


  •  Qatar
  •  Ecuador
  •  Senegal
  • Netherlands Netherlands


  •  England
  •  Iran
  •  United States
  •  Wales


  •  Argentina
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  Mexico
  •  Poland


  •  France
  •  Australia
  •  Denmark
  •  Tunisia


  •  Spain
  •  Costa Rica
  •  Germany
  •  Japan


  •  Belgium
  •  Canada
  •  Morocco
  •  Croatia


  •  Brazil
  •  Serbia
  •  Switzerland
  •  Cameroon


  •  Portugal
  •  Ghana
  •  Uruguay
  •  South Korea


The Qatar 2022 World Cup will run for 3 weeks, starting on the 21st of November with a match between Senegal and Netherlands. Listed below are the game schedules and the channels that will broadcast them.

Time November 20 Channel
07:00 PM  Qatar VS  Ecuador Bellmedia
Time November 21 Channel
05:00 AM  Senegal VS Netherlands Netherlands Bellmedia
08:00 AM  England VS  Iran Bellmedia
02:00 PM  United States VS  Wales Bellmedia


Time November 22 Channel
05:00 AM  Argentina VS  Saudi Arabia Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Denmark VS  Tunisia Bellmedia
11:00 AM  Mexico VS  Poland Bellmedia
02:00 PM  France VS  Australia Bellmedia


Time November 23 Channel
05:00 AM  Morocco VS  Croatia Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Germany VS  Japan Bellmedia
11:00 AM  Spain VS  Costa Rica Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Belgium VS  Canada Bellmedia


Time November 24 Channel
05:00 AM  Switzerland VS  Cameroon Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Uruguay VS  South Korea Bellmedia
11:00 AM  Portugal VS  Ghana Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Brazil VS  Serbia Bellmedia


Time November 25 Channel
05:00 AM  Wales VS  Iran Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Qatar VS  Senegal Bellmedia
11:00 AM Netherlands Netherlands VS  Ecuador Bellmedia
02:00 PM  England VS  United States Bellmedia


Time November 26 Channel
05:00 AM  Australia VS  Tunisia Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Poland VS  Saudi Arabia Bellmedia
11:00 AM  France VS  Denmark Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Argentina VS  Mexico Bellmedia


Time November 27 Channel
05:00 AM  Japan VS  Costa Rica Bellmedia
08:00 AM  Belgium VS  Morocco Bellmedia
11:00 AM  Croatia VS Canada Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Spain VS  Germany Bellmedia


Time November 28 Channel
05:00 AM  Cameroon VS  Serbia Bellmedia
08:00 AM  South Korea VS  Ghana Bellmedia
11:00 AM  Brazil VS  Switzerland Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Portugal VS  Uruguay Bellmedia


Time November 29 Channel
10:00 AM Netherlands Netherlands VS  Qatar Bellmedia
10:00 AM  Ecuador VS  Senegal TSN
02:00 PM  Wales VS  England Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Iran VS  United States TSN


Time November 30 Channel
10:00 AM  Tunisia VS  France Bellmedia
10:00 AM  Australia VS  Denmark TSN
02:00 PM  Poland VS  Argentina Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Saudi Arabia VS  Mexico TSN


Time December 01 Channel
10:00 AM  Croatia VS  Belgium Bellmedia
10:00 AM  Canada VS  Morocco TSN
02:00 PM  Japan VS  Spain Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Costa Rica VS  Germany TSN


Time December 02 Channel
10:00 AM  South Korea VS  Portugal Bellmedia
10:00 AM  Ghana VS  Uruguay TSN
11:00 AM  Cameroon VS  Brazil Bellmedia
02:00 PM  Serbia VS  Switzerland TSN


After the group games, the top two teams that advances to the knockout or the world cup final 2022 games where bagging the trophy will be at the biggest stake. You can check the official FIFA website to get update on the latest news on the 2022 world cup.


Date/Time Teams Channel
12/03 10:00 AM Group A Winner VS Group 2-B
12/03 2:00 PM Group C Winner VS Group 2-D
12/04 10:00 AM Group D Winner VS Group 2-C
12/04 2:00 PM Group B Winner VS Group 2-A
12/05 10:00 AM Group E Winner VS Group 2-F
12/05 2:00 PM Group G Winner VS Group 2-H
12/06 10:00 AM Group F Winner VS Group 2-E
12/06 2:00 PM Group H Winner VS Group 2-6


Date/Time Teams Channel
12/09 10:00 AM Quarterfinals 1
12/09 2:00 PM Quarterfinals 2
12/10 10:00 AM Quarterfinals 3
12/10 2:00 PM Quarterfinals 4


Date/Time Teams Channel
12/13 2:00 PM Semifinals 1
12/14 2:00 PM Semifinals 2


Date/Time Teams Channel
12/17 10:00 AM Bronze Match


Date/Time Teams Channel
12/18 10:00 AM Finals BellMedia, TSN


The broadcast schedule was unclear since there is a wide timezone difference between Qatar and Canada. Fortunately, the broadcast time is now clear, to let the Canadian FIFA World Cup fanatics to enjoy and watch the game.

Group Tournament Stage

  • 05:00 AM
  • 08:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM
  • 02:00 PM’

Knockout Tournament Stage

  • 10:00 AM
  • 02:00 PM

Please remember that the Qatar world cup kick off times are in Canada timezone. Furthermore, you can purchase the world cup 2022 tickets through the official FIFA website linked above. Also, stay tuned at NetPlay 24/7 for the world cup 2022 odds and the latest world cup news.